Happy with Spam Traffic? Is This Your Story?

spam referral trafficWeb Owner: O Wow I am getting very good traffic on my site and its increasing day by day.

Web Analyst: Good. What is the source of traffic?

Web Owner: Ummm, Need to see but It’s increasing and that’s good na?

Web Analyst: Yes, increasing in traffic is good but you always need to check your traffic source so you can check its performance and other impacts.

Web Owner: Like?

Web Analyst: Well, You need to check what channel is performing for you. Lets check your Google Analytics Stats.

Web Owner: OK.

Web Analyst: So, lets check from traffic stats by opening All Traffic tab.

1. google xxxxxxxx Sessions
2. Facebook xxxxxxxx Sessions
3. visit4money.com / referral ???? xxxxxxxx Sessions

7. visit4earn xxxxxxxx Sessions

Web Analyst: Interesting…

Web Owner: What?

Web Analyst: You are getting good traffic from referral sites. Like Visit4money, visit4earn etc

Web Owner: That’s good na?

Web Analyst: Need to check those resources individually. What type of these website is and why they are so kind to us by send much traffic to us without any cost :).

Web Owner: Might be because my website is really good and cool.

Web Analyst: Might be, Lets check them.

Web Owner: Yes Please.

Web Analyst: Hmm so here is visit4money.com. “Visit4money – Earn money in seconds.” WOW. How? “Welcome to our New Website Visit4Money, Best Opportunity for Students, Job Seekers and House Wives. Contact us for Positive and Rapid Response”

Web Owner: what they mean by this?

Web Analyst: Its mean this website is asking people to click on ads to make money.

Web Owner: What ads?

Web Analyst: Web ads like, Google Ads, and other text or display ads.

Web Owner: O that’s good, they are visiting those sites and getting money for it.

Web Analyst: Yes, its good for them and people who are making money via such websites and companies. But not for web owners like you, Google or ads networks and for Pakistani web and IT industry.

Web Owner: How? Don’t you want people to get paid for such work? They are just visiting our websites and might be become our customer or regular visitor?

Web Analyst: Its good for these companies as they are making money twice, once they ask people to become member and pay Rs.2500 for account and 2ndly they are getting payments from ad networks by clicking on their ads until these ad networks will block them on violating their terms and conditions. And people who are visiting these websites are not a regular customers or at least they don’t have intentions to buy something. They are visiting your website on click ads which are running in iframe on what you website is opening to them. However yes they can become regular visitor or customer to you but if you see there behavior they are impacting your website’s traffic stats negatively How? by increasing your bounce rate and exit ratio, Consuming server bandwidth (bad for small websites & businesses with low hosting budgets) So there is more harm with less benefit.

Web Owner: Understood and as per Search Engines, they also notice factor like user behavior, website performance in terms of speed and response, so it could harm us in that way too. Right?

Web Analyst: yes, it could.

Web Owner: So How to get rid of these website?

Web Analyst: At our end, we could do few things like. As first step to get proper stats of traffic, we can create a new profile on google analytics and add these website in filters so they stop tracking them in regular traffic. Read here, How to Filter Traffic in Google Analytics. For permanent solution, first ask these website to stop sending traffic to us by contacting them via email addresses given on websites, and whois servers. But if they don’t stop this, report them to there web servers and hosting. Also send an email or post a message to Search engines and local telecom who is responsible for web related issues like PTA.

Web Analyst: Here is the complete list of such websites, generating useless traffic for your site.

  • visit4earn.com
  • visit4money.com
  • v4earn.com
  • earnpkrs.com
  • cash2ads.com
  • prefect-clix.com
  • aimtoearn.net
  • express2earn.com
  • visit4cash.com
  • shahxadking.byethost24.com
  • buxclicking.com
  • clickerpaid.com
  • e2click.com
  • clicknearn.pk
  • earninggurus.com

Web Owner: Thank you for letting me know about this else I was happy to get spam traffic which actually leeching me and my website performance.

Web Analyst: You are welcome, no problem. Your story is not different from other Pakistani Web owners:)

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