Google Celebrates Its Failure – Google Wave Shutdown

Google Shutdowns Google Wave

Google Shutdowns Google Wave

“Google Celebrates its Failures” said Eric Schmidt. He sent a shock wave over audience of Techonomy conference while he announced about Google Wave shut down.

Google Waves was a social micro blogging application and was announced in May 2009.

Eric Schmidt told the reason of discontinue of Google Wave is its failure in getting proper popularity among people and market. He said that Google has learn a lot of things from this product and some of its features are already become part of other Google Applications.

Well in my opinion the reason of this shutdown is to give full flash concentration on Google’s new social application, Buzz. Google Buzz is currently working as an addon with Gmail and have a lot of same  features like Google Wave.

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3 Responses to Google Celebrates Its Failure – Google Wave Shutdown

  1. SEO Pakistan says:

    Yeah! Possibly will try to make Buzz more effective as they are in competetion ahead of Twitter!

  2. Ace Media says:

    Buzz is a fail too.I used wave for like 3 times lol..

  3. Maggie says:

    Google celebrates its failure google wave shutdown.. OMG! 😐

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