Good Bye Steve Jobs – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

steve jobs resignsSteve Jobs, the inspiring CEO & Founder of APPLE resigned from APPLE on last Friday. A great man with great success in life. He started APPLE from a home garage and took it to the greatest technology company of this World. During his tenure APPLE launched marvelous technology stuff like Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad ad many others.

Other then Apple, World most successful animation company, Pixar is also founded by him while he was kicked out from his own founded company, Apple Inc. He is also founder of next.

Being a great fan of him, I am sharing his great speech at Stanford University, USA in year 2005. Really inspiring one. Steve, I don’t wanna wish you best luck as you are already lucky. I wanna wish you better way of life after life. May ALLAH bless you. Stay Hungry Stay Fool, mean search for more incentive and never take you as expert always keep keen to learn more & more.

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