Controversial Gullu Butt Game App Launched for Android Phones

gullu butt mobile game appO My My…. I can’t help myself on laughing over this, A mobile app company launched a game app for android phones with name of Gullu Butt. After a controversial event of Model town Lahore, with thanks to Pakistani Media Gullu Butt become a famous personality and point of discussion over Social media and public gossips.

And now catching that fame for money people those this :). Launched Gullu Butt Game App for smart phones. In that game, a man look a like Gullu is breaking up a car and you have to catch that pieces to earn points and save your life. Most funny thing is a Lion is sitting besides the car and on background you can notice Police is standing as crowd.  I am sharing original incident pic so you can compare it. Download Gullu Butt app here

gullu butt live in action

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