Gmail Motion – Now Email Rocks on Your Move

Gmail motion updateThere is no doubt Gmail is the most rapidly growing free email client and there are several reasons behind this, like faster email, easy interface, strongest spam control etc. But now Google brings another superb feature for Gmail users.

Gmail motion, now your every move has some mean for Gmail. If you are using a computer with camera then you no more need to type email with your keyboard as with your specific moves you can tell Gmail what you need to type in email. Still confuse then watch Gmail Move introduction in this video.

As you read it and watch it all. I must tell you one thing… its look a like an April Fool Joke to me from Google šŸ˜€

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PTCL BroadBand Shows Error on YouTube Browsing

Ptcl DNS Setting YoutubePTCL broadband showing DNS error on browsing and on Sunday, 27th March 2011. It seems some technical problem in PTCL DNS servers.

This issue can be resolve by changing DNS setting. For this you need to go to your “Network connections” at my network place. Right click on network connections and then click on properties. Now double click on internet protocol (TCP/IP) option. On opening internet protocol properties, if you are not using any manual IP address then select “Use the following IP addresses” and change your IP address setting to following

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Now check on “use the following DNS server addresses” and set following addresses

Preferred DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

and press ok. Now try once again. Hopefully It will works but if problem still presist then call PTCL @1218 and follow formula of SUB KEH DO :)

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Google Chrome NoteBook Features

Your expectations will never goes down if you totally inspired by Google. Yes, If you are a big fan of Mr. Google then I am sure you will never leave 2 things in your entire life. One, your mouth will never be close because of shock and 2nd you will never forget to say WOW. This time Google give you shock with its new innovation of Google Chrome notebook.

Google launched, Google Chrome Notebook with complete online functionality and features.Ā  Now you don’t need to stuck with you old notebook which has all of your data. With Google Chrome NoteBook you can access your data anywhere all around the world and for this you just need to login to your Google account.

Here is the intro video of Google Chrome NoteBook

Google NoteBook has many features like

Instant and Fast Web Experience:
It boots in approx 10 sec. and You can instantly resume it from sleep mode. Chrome NoteBook is so quick to load websites and have full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash.

Access Data AnyWhere with Same experience
Now data security and backup issues will never let you down. Even if your lost you Google Chrome Notebook somewhere. Your data, apps, documents, and user settings will be keep safe and stored.

Always Be Online
Google Notebook has Integrated Wi-Fi to keep you connected at home and work. It also has support for 3G networks.

Built in Security Feature
Advanced technology for security is another feature of Google Chrome notebooks. It prevent user and data from malware and viruses.

Always Updated and Fresh
Now you dont need to upgrade you OS and applications. Every time you turn on your Chrome notebook, it upgrades itself with the latest features and fixes. WOW! its mean no more annoying update prompts.

Amazing web apps
Now run millions of web apps, games, office apps, photo editors and other of your choice. Just log on to Chrome Web Store. No more data drive and CDs are required.

Google launched a Pilot program for people to get feed back from people. You can join it here like me.

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Finally Yahoo Is Powered By Bing

Finally Yahoo is powered by Bing. Its mean on checking some results on Yahoo you will find search results of Bing Search Engine.On searching “south african fur seal” on Yahoo and Bing following results have been found.

Yahoo powered by bing search

Yahoo Search is Powered by Yahoo

Bing Yahoo Deal

Bing Showing similar results on Yahoo

At the start of this year Yahoo and Microsoft announced their mutual operation for Yahoo Search. In last month Yahoo started showing 25% results from Bing Search in US regions. Now they are showing Bing powered results in more areas as well, like I find it at Pakistan.

powered by bing

Powered by Bing

Yahoo also mention this collaboration in footer of Yahoo search page where you can find “Powered by Bing” caption. Well its look a like end of typical YAHOO search which is the 2nd largest search engine. Now we have to see what impact will be happen on website like and others which was well ripped in Yahoo and as compare to it have very low ranking in

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Google Celebrates Its Failure – Google Wave Shutdown

Google Shutdowns Google Wave

Google Shutdowns Google Wave

“Google Celebrates its Failures” said Eric Schmidt. He sent a shock wave over audience of Techonomy conference while he announced about Google Wave shut down.

Google Waves was a social micro blogging application and was announced in May 2009.

Eric Schmidt told the reason of discontinue of Google Wave is its failure in getting proper popularity among people and market. He said that Google has learn a lot of things from this product and some of its features are already become part of other Google Applications.

Well in my opinion the reason of this shutdown is to give full flash concentration on Google’s new social application, Buzz. Google Buzz is currently working as an addon with Gmail and have a lot of sameĀ  features like Google Wave.

Posted in Google, Google Buzz | Tagged , | 3 Comments Changed the Playlist Style and Placement changed the playlist style once again. Now on selecting any playlist you will see a playlist strip on the bottom of your browser window with image of all playlist items. YouTube’s Autoplay option is also coming along with this strip at the bottom.

youtube change playlist style. click on image to enlarge

youtube change playlist style. click on image to enlarge

This feature will enhance users feasibility. Now you can skip or jump to any video of your choice on any playlist.

Earlier, playlist autoplay option was showing on rightside of the screen.

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Microsoft’s Adds Street Slide Feature in Bing Maps Street View

Microsoft recently announced a killer feature of Street Slides in Bing Maps Street View feature which will definitly take Microsoft one step ahead then Google Maps.

Microsoft’s Street View feature will add an innovative addition in street view feature which will be a great feature tool. Microsoft named it Street Slide. In Street Slide, they add features like quick navigation around city streets and flip rotate to opposite side of view which will help user to reach or identify right place over Maps. Plus it will help business owners to get their targeted customer on their counter shell with ease. You can experince this innovative technology in this video.

As you seen in the above video, this future tool will also available on tech phones like iPhone and Android Phones which will definity make people life easier. I wish best of luck to Microsoft StreetSlide Application

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Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Finally after more then 1 year I moved from Blogger to WordPress. The reason behind this migration is to empower my blog with more efficient features and control.

Well this migration is good for me but what about existing traffic from Search engines for this I did research work at learn how to export blog from blogger and how to import it in WordPress. I also learn about how to keep URL same as old blogger but I didn’t follow it as I had very few post and I don’t want to keep it for future. No problem for me to generateĀ  a new URL for old post. But its not good for SEO if you have old website with good traffic.

Insha Allah soon I will write a post on Blogger to WordPress migration. Its really easy to do but if you have any problem in doing that let me know I will do it for you free of cost. You just need to be my friend on FaceBook and have to follow me on Twiiter.

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