My Name is Atif and I am an Internet Marketer by Profession. As a person I am a average guy with a simple life style.  By the blessing of ALLAH the one and only God, I have a very very happy married life. I am kind a normal person who never like to read books, however he tried a lot of time :(, I like to watch movies and old Pakistani Drama serieal on YouTube. I have a lot of friends, I wish I can make a list of them, if I can :) .

As a professional I am always keen to learn more and more. Being an Internet Marketing professional, Its my passion to be recognize Internationally. Right now, I am working for a B2B portal which is one of the best business to business marketplace of the World. Along with this I have experience of B2C industry as well. So Its a short intro about me. People who know me are welcome to comment below and other who want to contact me are also welcome. But Please dpn’t Spam it 😀

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  1. Maisum Raza says:

    Today i Met Mr Atif Zain, He is very simple and very co-operative guy i had ever seen in my Professional life Mr Atif I will never forget you, hope you will also not forget me.

    Maisum Raza

  2. Abdul Basit says:

    Atif and I share a large number of friends commonly. I have found him jolly and supportive all the time. His knowledge for SEO and SMM is great and keeps himself updated with current industry trends.

    I wish him success in his career and may he achieves his goals successfully.

  3. Ayaz Hussain says:

    Aitf Bahi,

    He is very nice and cooperative person.
    Be happy Atif bahi always.

  4. I had a some good moments with Atif bhai ,and I’m lucky to be with him ,I worked as a SEO at Tradekey ,at that time I was a newbie SEO ,Atif bhai always helped me whenever I stumbled,he shares openly his knowledge.

    In short he is a simple ,straightforward ,loving ,caring and sharing person.
    P.S: If you are a heart patient stay away from Atif bhai because he might make you laugh till death..!

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