A Horror Story Of Ordering Food on Phone

On a calm evening, you get knock on door and see a bunch of relatives after opening it. What will be your first thought? What to serve these unexpected guests?, Is it tea time or full serving meal required? Definitely you will do what suits to you as per time, budget and relation you have with these relatives.
Student Biryani KarachiOne day, I found myself in some similar situation. After discussing with my wife & mother, I decide to order Biryani for dinner from newly open Student Biryani branch near my house at North Karachi. I picked my Phone to dial their number and booked my food order. He gave me 45 mins estimated delivery time. I handed over billed amount to my father so he can pay it to delivery guy and I left to buy some other add-ons for dinner.

man-talking-on-a-mobile-phone-and-looking-shockedAfter 30 mins, I got a call back from Student Biryani person and he said to me, “Sorry Sir, we are not able to deliver your order because of law and order situation in our area”. I got shocked and said to him, “what happened bro? I live in same area and everything is fine here”. He said, “we are delivering order from North Nazimabad (Near Shipowner College) and there situation is worst”. I replied, “Bhai why are you bringing food from faraway. I live in front of your North Karachi branch and everything is fine here, please deliver my order from there”. He said, “No we got the order from Call center here so we were delivering it from North Nazimabad. I said, “Bhai I have guests waiting for me and tell me what to do now”. He said, “Sorry Sir but I can’t deliver”. And then a conversation of around 2 to 3 minutes was happen between him and me which is definitely need to be censored. oopsAfter ending up that call, I was thinking what to do, meanwhile I got call from home and my wife told me Food is delivered :P. I got another shock and then I realize that call from Student Biryani Person was not for me :)

I took a long breadth and said thanks to Allah, who saved me from such embarrassing moment in front of guests. The lesson I learnt from this mishap or event is, without a good and attentive customer support or call center service you can’t win customer’s heart.
Food Panda PakistanLater on, I never order food from Student Biryani directly as I got more options of food and restaurants with quality & efficient customer service online at FoodPanda Pakistan. These guys take order from customers on behalf of a restaurant and keep a follow up with these diners. Yet, their riders make sure on timely & smooth delivery of the food. So chances of being late & missing are really reduced down by these guys. Now, I always get my ordered food on time without any tension/hesitation and fear of getting lost at eleventh hour. I recommend/suggest foodpanda.pk for on time food delivery.

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